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STREAM is available in a basic, plus, multi and pro version depending on which use is intended; there is also a 'convert' tool to facilitate (manually) entering and / or converting CliftonStrengths profiles automatically.

In each version, you start with a (large) group of people, select & analyze and proceed in steps to a smaller group of people who eventually work together as a TEAM.
This makes it easy to enter individual or group CliftonStrengths results. This can be done from the individual pdf reports from Gallup or the exported group results in an excel sheet. If the exported language differs from the language with which your STREAM product works, you can easily convert it; then directly copy & paste in STREAM.
In the base version, it is possible to view / analyze the CliftonStrengths profiles of 100 or 250 possible team members at team level and individually. In addition, insights into the top 10, last 5 and work zones are quickly available for self-selected combinations of people who could form the team together. For each talent / theme, detailed information is available in description and various characteristics.
In the PLUS version, in addition to the functionality of the base version, the STREAM domain grid can be used to make comparisons, both individually and in relation to the team. It is easy to filter from the group and in the team based on simple selection options and automatically creating total overviews in different ways. These overviews can be flexibly adjusted to your own preferences in several ways.
In an international setting, the MULTI version of STREAM is ideal in addition to NLD and ENG in which the Base and Plus version are available; all data that goes into the database and that comes out as an overview and selection / analysis, is available in DE, ES, PT, ZH, JA and FR. In combination with STREAM Convert, this covers 75% of the global CliftonStrengths 'population'.
For truly advanced use in a strengths based organization, the PRO version is the ideal tool. In addition to the functionality of the Plus version, the possibility is offered to perform more detailed analyzes of a possible team: with pareto and star plots, analysis of similarity between profiles, inter- and intra-actions between talents linked to frequency and probability of occurrence . Moreover, comparisons can be made very clearly, individually and against the group or the country ('culture'). This version will unfortunately only be available for our customers later this year.
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