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About us

STREAM originated as a product / idea in 2017 when Daruma People was confronted with the use of Gallup's Strengthsfinder, also known as CliftonStrengths after the man who conceived and developed it at the time. Over the years, especially in the United States, much attention has been paid to the content, background and usefulness of the CliftonStrengths assessment. Strangely, however, it is that so far little effort has been put into making CliftonStrengths practically usable in people-to-people collaboration, especially in teams which make a difference in success in organizations.

Daruma People has developed STREAM with years of experience in the development and coaching of employees AND broad knowledge of many other ways to characterize personality and behavior and to make effective and practical use of it. With STREAM you can easily get to know and understand each other's profiles; know how you can complement and reinforce each other in performing work or achieving objectives. It becomes easier for managers to support employees in a positive way in their development and cooperation with others.
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